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      Hello there,

      I am Phil. I live in the province of Québec. I am 33 years old. I suffer from Meniere's disease since I am 12 years old. I lost my hearing on the right side and got tinnitus. I got an operation to decompress my endolymphatic sac and I never experienced another vertigo in more than 15 years.

      My left ear seems to be good but I have been suffering from pulsatile tinnitus since a 5-6 years ago on that side. I am actually anxious about it, since it seems to be louder the more I train at the gym and lose weight to get healthy for some reason.

      I also suffer a lot of anxiety regarding the chance of my left ear getting the same fate as what happened with my right one. I have my fingers crossed that Meniere will not come and mess with the left one.

      I would like to thank this community for all the future support it will provide me.

      Talk to you later!
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      Hey Phil!

      We're all sorry to hear you have to endure Meniere's. You appear to have managed to cope so far.

      There is a wealth of information on this forum. I'm confident you will find one or more tips to help you minimize the effects the condition has on your life, and maybe even learn how to go about alleviating your anxiety flareups.

      Good luck!

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