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      Hi guys, my name is Aron, i'm 27 years old and I have severe tinnitus. My Tinnitus is 20dbsl which is in the top 2.6 percent for tinnitus volume. I've had it for 8 years and it has been intrusive for the entire duration of having it. I had somewhat habituated to it, to the point that while it annoyed me on occasion I was able to sleep in a quiet room with only a soft fan on and it was a tertiary concern in my life.

      Then in 2013 I came down with C.diff and was put on an ototoxic antibiotic(drug of last resort, vancomycin) and had some extreme dental work done, because of acid decay due to acid reflux in my mouth. by march 25h my tinnitus had gone to the ultra-extreme, it has continually worsened over the year now to the point i have severe insomnia, and i'm unable to hold conversations on some days with people, due to the volume of the ringing. I should not have made it through 2013, yet some how i keep on moving living hour by hour at a time.

      My story is not very uplifting as i am truly suffering from the severity of my condition.

      Nice to meet you all..

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      Hi, Aron, and welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      I'm so sorry your tinnitus is at such a constant high level, and I totally sympathize. I had a similar experience 3 1/2 years ago. I had tinnitus for about 25 years, and it was mild and very manageable, so that I hardly thought about it. But then, in 2010, my doctor put me on a blood pressure drug for the first time. It sent my tinnitus through the roof! Also, about 2 weeks later, I had the added "joy" of pulsating tinnitus (heartbeat sound and feel in the ear, in time with pulse).

      I believe that it was the drug that caused my tinnitus to get worse, and it sounds like that's what happened to you. How I wish I had known about ototoxic drugs before this happened! We have a list of ototoxic drugs posted on this forum, and there are so many that the chances of being exposed to one of them is great.

      However, I do want you to know that, 3 1/2 years later, my tinnitus is finally subsiding and getting back down to a more manageable level again. I ended up getting myself off the blood pressure meds, and am now managing my blood pressure with diet, exercise, and natural supplements. It's possible that, with time, your tinnitus will eventually calm down again, too. I want you to know there is hope, and I wish you well!

      We're glad you joined us on this forum. Take a look around, and you'll find lots of great information and many wonderful people!

      Best wishes,
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      Man, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I only have moderate T and even that has been giving me a twice over with sleep issues and difficulty concentrating.

      Always so saddening when the drugs we take hoping to get better end up making us more miserable in the end.

      I have no other words of comfort but that you're in my thoughts, and that when the day an effective treatment arrives I hope you're among the first in line.

      Hang in there, you're one heckuva fighter for coming this far.

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