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      I've had this since I was born from what I can gather. I always remember having it and asking other people like my mum if they could hear this high pitch noise. They always told me no so I just ignored it. It wasn't until I watched an episode of embarrassing bodies I knew what it was. I googled the symptoms and I was amazed I never actually considered that I might have something wrong with my ears.
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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      Hello! Welcome to the forum.

      Since you've had it all your life, does your tinnitus cause you any isues? Or are you just so used to it?
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      Would be fun to know if you had any issues with it if you had it since you were born, increases, decreases.
      I guess you managed to put it back so you dont really hear it anymore usually, since thats how most conditions are if you were born with them.

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