Hi, I'm James. Nice to Meet You All!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JmesB, Jan 18, 2016.

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      Hello everyone,
      My name is James, and I have been a tinnitus sufferer for close to six years. I hope to meet some nice people on this forum and some additional tips to live with this nasty devil yelling in my ear :troll: .
      All the best,
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    2. Vincent777

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      Noise induced after a rock concert where I played
      Hi, nice to meet you James. Six years? How did it start? And how loud is it?
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      Hello Vincent,
      Very nice to meet you.
      I've been working in construction since I was still a teenager. I assume it has got gradually worse when I got older due to the noisy environment I work in. It is only since 6 years ago that I started to really notice a high pitched noise in both my ears. Some of my friends at work told me it's normal and just a part of getting older. My doctor told me recently that it is not normal and recommended me to look for help.
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    4. Zorro!

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      Hi James,

      This is a good site for advice and support. Hopefully you are managing your tinnitus well at this point.
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