Hi, I'm Jill from South Australia — Surgery Cured My Autophony, Tinnitus Followed

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      I have had tinnitus for over 10 years.

      I sustained Eustachian Tube damage in my right ear while flying while having a cold. It is a long and sorry saga.

      Surgery was performed to block the tube as I was having what is called autophony - hearing an echo in my ear when I speak. It was major surgery through the skull behind the ear.

      I ended up with 3 months of infections - the autophony was cured but then the tinnitus started.

      I guess I have tried every treatment known to man and woman!

      Neuromonics, low laser therapy (expensive and a rip off), supplements, sound therapy and on and on.

      Currently I use a sound machine purchased through the British Tinnitus Association - it does dampen it a bit.

      The things I avoid like the plague are salt, MSG and tomatoes - also some spices.

      I am looking forward to being part of your group!
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      What makes you think Low Level Laser Therapy is a rip off? I consider doing it.

      LLLT is most effective for noise damaged cochlea I believe, and most effective in young males (ME!!)
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      After some years since my last post inquiring about Cold laser therapy, I am now convinced that it is a scam. The doctor whom I went to here in Adelaide, had his license suspended for two months and was fined 2 thousand dollars. I was taken for a ride! Please be aware.
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