Hi, I'm New Here, Had Tinnitus for 2 Years and It's Got Worse. Like Many Others Here I'm Desperate.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dangerous Dave., Nov 3, 2015.

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      Hi, my names Dave, I have had T for about 2 and a half years. At first it was bearable but after 6 months it went to a new level and became intrusive and kept me awake. I hate to be negative but I came frighteningly close to suicide over it. However over time I learned to live with it and sleep ok. The last 12 months have been fine, but last night it kept me awake all night and today it has driven me mad. Again. It feels like I have gone back 2 years and I will have to learn to live and sleep with it all over again. The prospect of this fills me with dread. The only positive I suppose is that I have overcome it once, so I can do it again. Well, that's me.
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    2. Blackbird26

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      Hey Dave! Perhaps you are only experiencing a spike? I hope its not a permanent increase, learning to rehabituate is tough but like you said you did before and you can do it again. Do you have any idea what caused this increase?

      Welcome :)
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      Most likely due to antibiotics after a major operation
      Hi Dave ... I'm certainly not the right person to give you any medical guidance with regards to your type of T experience or prognosis, but I can show support and understanding for what you are going through.

      As Blackbird26 says, above, you've got through it once before and you can do it again! ... You are with 'soul mates' here at TT ... people who understand your frustration, your hurt and your pain ... in our own ways, we are going through the same thing, but we need to believe that we are able to cope, and find our own ways to do that.

      I hope it's not something you object to, but I would like to keep you in my prayers, Dave ... to help raise your hope and belief that T does not become your master ... but minute by minute, hour by hour, it is you who takes control of the rest of your life ... you are precious and you can always keep in touch with our TT 'family' whenever you wish.

      Do keep positive ... you are in my prayers! ........... Paul
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    4. kiran kumar

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      mild hearing loss
      So sad to hear... But it will get better... Praying to God for everyone
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      not sure
      Don’t panic. It may just be a temporary spike. Hope you will be just fine shortly. T is known to be unpredictable. It may settle back to baseline soon. A week ago my already ultra high pitched, loud dog whistle T shot up the roof too. It is an ultra high pitch shrill packed with so much condensed energy, like a laser beam against a dark sky, resonating in my whole head. A few years back I would have caved in automatically into anxiety & panic attacks. I remember also I said no wait I could live with this ringing. No longer. Instead of panicking I went about living my life. Despite the ringing, I still went fishing (I posted this on the Positivity Thread) to catch some salmon. The T was so loud and piercing that I even heard it distinctly above all the raging water of the rapids around me. On bad spiking days, It was such a high pitched condensed energy of sound that I could hear it above the jet noise in the last 2 flights I took. But I am committed to not react to T high or low and live my life as normally and enjoyably. I am not super human. It took a few years and adopting the positivity approach to get to there. With a history of suffering anxiety and panic disorders, I never thought it possible to be normal again but I am now. So don't panic and worry about it. It may be just a spike. If a panic prone person like me can recover after some time even with my T raging, have no worry about the temporary setback. Remember T thrives with our anxiety and stressful reactions. The more positive and relax we are, the less it can hurt us. Take good care and may God bless your recovery.
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      I feel for everybody here! Talk to your Dr., first, but melatonin may help relax you. Mine is always worse when laying down. White noise, fans, nature sounds tend to make it louder...as if it's in competition to be heard! Anybody else experience this??

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