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      Hello everyone

      I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember in my left ear, in 2004 I developed it in my right ear too, two tones in left, three in right.

      What I wanted to ask was just after I got it in my right ear the noise of my eustachian tube when you swallow got so loud, it's still like it to this day, ENTs have been less than useless and don't seem to listen to me on that point.

      Another thing which I've had every six months or so I'd my right ear will develop an "echoey" sound, like when I'm listening to music, it will sound distorted, but that normally passes in a few weeks, does anyone else get this?
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      Seriously? 56 views and not one reply? Sorry if i come across as abrupt but i put a post in support too and noone has gave me a reply
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      Noise induced after a rock concert where I played
      Sorry to hear that you're tinnitus worsened Mike. I'm new here, just started exploring this forum. I would suggest changing your ENT doctor, I've consulted with 3 of them, and I'm going to see the fourth tomorrow how specializes in hearing.

      Echoing sound seems strange, have you done an audiometry to check if your hearing is damaged?

      Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I wish you quick recovery!
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Sorry to hear about your troubles too. I'm new as well, the most frustrating thing about this condition is it seems even experts have little answers.
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Hi Nick,
      I can't answer your eustacean tube question because I have no experience with that. I do get a sort of echoey and distorted sound in my left ear but that is a result of sudden profound deafness in that ear, so I can't exactly relate on that topic either. I can warmly welcome you to the forum though. You will likely find someone to help you here.
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