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      unknown, maybe stress
      Last Saturday , for no reason at all I started hearing a dull drumming noise in my left ear.
      As I had an appointment with my ENT doctor on Monday,he cheaked my left ear a found a "plug" removed it.
      thinking that was that. But alas no I still have that constant drumming, I've since been back to may ENT doctor, he presribed TINNITAN DUO. I went to my GP doctor and He told me this wouldn't do anything.
      Any advice. please
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. There are many possible causes which can trigger or aggravate tinnitus including drug reaction or side-effects, ear or Eustachian tube infection, ear drum injury, fluid build-up feeling pressured, TMJ, high blood pressure or blood circulation problem, loud noise exposure or acoustic trauma, neck muscle problems, hearing loss, Meniere's, barotrauma from flight, grief for the loss of love ones, untreated sleep apnea, elevated stress, anxiety & panic disorder, etc. If the cause comes from a medical problem which can be healed, all the better. If your T comes from a recent loud noise exposure, then perhaps get some prednisone from the doctor asap. If not, the best thing is to do something to moderate your reaction to the ringing.

      One best way is to mask your T. Knowing that you can have some ways to distract from listening to T is comforting for a new sufferer. It can help you sleep better too if you mask at bed time. Sleep deprivation is a sure way to fire up T. I remember masking myself literally most of the waking hours during my initial period of suffering. So if you haven't done masking yet, here are some suggestions. Take care. God bless.

      1) Mask at bed time so you can sleep better. Find whatever sounds/music that are soothing to you. You can use a sound machine or sound pillow for this, or a computer with speakers.

      2) If you need masking on the go, try load an ipod with nature sounds or music using itune. If you have a smart phone, you can download free APPs for soothing or T-masking sounds.

      3) If you have computer and speakers, you can try these excellent masking sounds too:

      TT's audio player: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/audioplayer/

      or this online sound library, particularly the self-mix nature sounds: http://mynoise.net/

      or download free sound generator ‘aire freshener’: http://www.peterhirschberg.com/mysoftware.html

      or search youtube with words like 'tinnitus masking sounds', 'white noise', 'rain sound' etc.

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