Hi. I'm Sam — Tinnitus from a Windy Winter Run or Listening to AirPods Pro

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      Running in winter or noice cancelling ipods pro
      I am in the USA. 33 years old. I have a high pitched ringing mostly in the left ear. I believe the tinnitus started after a windy winter run on Thanksgiving 2019 without ear protection followed with intense pain which lasted for 10 minutes. This was the time when I also started the new AirPods Pro noise-canceling earbuds even though I never listen to music over 50% of the volume.

      I started noticing tinnitus after this running incident so I went to urgent care, and was told that there is no infection in ear but there is some congestion and I was given Allegra and Flonase spray.

      Things did not get better, so I went to my primary care doctor who said there is minor infection and gave Ciprofloxacin ear drops. I used it and the next morning I had the worst ringing sound I had listened so far. Stopped using it and looked up online that Cipro can cause more harm than good. Then primary doc asked me to stop using the drops and referred me to an ENT.

      The ENT (who did not listen to my history and the worst bedside manners) checked my ear and said there is no infection and asked me to get an audiometry test to confirm if there is any hearing loss and asked me to keep my sodium intake in check. I don't even remember him checking my right ear. I felt that I wasted $200 on this ENT visit.

      I have not visited the audiology yet.

      I also have this crackling sound when I swallow or even when more pronounced when I push my throat internally (not sure how to explain this.) eustachian dysfunction maybe? I have minor sinus, allergy and my nose is always stuffy and I get mucus behind my nose through my throat.

      I have stopped using earbuds and headphones as much as I can. Got ear protection plugs.

      Podcasts or insect chirping nature sounds on Google Home Speaker help me to fall asleep quickly. ACRN tones also help a lot during my work (i am a programmer).

      At this point, I am trying to figure out how to manage my tinnitus. Things, like what makes it better or worse. I get tinnitus spike after I go for a high-intensity run on the treadmill at my noisy gym which continues till the next day or early in the morning without proper sleep or the next day after drinking alcohol. So I have stopped running and switched over to cycling and elliptical and no more see tinnitus spikes.

      Anyway, I am so glad that I found this forum. It gives me hope to see so many people fight this annoying condition. Staying positive that my tinnitus would get resolved in summer or I get used to it fast :)
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      Avoid some hearing tests like Acoustic Reflex because they are too loud if you visit an audiologist. Search the forum to find more about tests to be avoided.
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      TMJ, Neck Issues, and Accompanying Postural Deviations.
      For potential eustachian tube and sinus problems as a potential of cause of tinnitus, heed the advice in this thread - https://www.tinnitustalk.com/thread...-—-new-protocols-and-supplements-to-try.6514/. I adhere to several recommendations in this thread on a daily basis even though my sinus congestion and related problems have much improved since my tinnitus onset last summer.

      I do quite a bit of programming for my academic research which means countless hours hovered over a computer. Check your posture as well and take steps to improve it if necessary.
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