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      I have had tinnitus for twenty years and it is presumed to be from a long course of super antibiotics after a double compound fracture from a head on auto accident. It could be from head trauma from the accident as well. There is no way to know and that is part of the problem in finding a solution. Tinnitus is so individual to the person. Mine is quite loud and very high pitch. It plays 24/7/365. Never without it. Tried pills, supplements and several therapies. Been in two clinical studies. Read a lot... tried a lot. Not sure mine is the type that will really ever go away. I am now 60 and when I was younger I found it easier to ignore. Of late this has really become a nuisance, is causing me some insomnia and anxiety and I have begun developing some hyperacusis as well. Recently I've gone looking for better answers. Over the years I have been to a number of audiologists who mostly just sent me home and told me to learn to live with it. One suggested aids which would have set me back ten grand. Not that rich.

      Today I did get aids; not the ten grand ones but they set me back a few; since my hearing has declined. This, in theory so far, is supposed to retrain my brain and restructure neurons to lessen the tinnitus. Not enough time yet to tell but I am hearing much better and that is a start. It was a good step I think. The best thing about them is they cancel the background noises and I can hear the words spoken. I also found the most amazing website www.mynoise.net If you want masking sounds this is the place. Literally thousands of combinations. The person behind the site is Dr. Stephane Pigeon and he is amazing. The site is free but there is a place to donate. If you use this site please donate. This costs Dr. Pigeon money to develop and keep going and I assure you once you have tried the site (and Apple app) you will be hooked like I am.

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