Hi! My name is Lee and live in Albuquerque NM, USA.

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      I 've had bouts of tinnitus off and on for quite a few years now, but it seems to have been a more regular visitor since June, 2010. Currently i'm experiencing more of a high pitched ringing in both ears but it's not too loud or annoying. At other times it seems to be more like a chorus of cicadas and is quite annoying.

      Over the years i have experienced occasional sinus infections, sometimes coupled with noticeable sensation of pressure in my ears--similar to those experienced in rapid changes in altitude - which also seem to be associated with more intense tinnitus episodes. Also, i've had several episodes of intense vertigo, enough to lay me up for a day or two complete with spinning room and nausea. Tinnitus is usually comes with that package of symptoms. The first time that happened was sometime around 1995 or 96 at which time i went in for a complete workup with an ENT specialist. Assessment indicated i might be a candidate for Menier's Disease which is something one of my siblings does have. So far i seem to have dodged that nasty bullet. That was also the first time i was told tinnitus had no existing treatment and that it might come and go on it's own accord.

      Most of the time i choose(?) to ignore it which seems to work pretty well. Don't know if this means i have relatively milder case or stronger ability to put it out of my mind.... Bottom line: it's a subjective phenomenon anyway, isn't it?

      My current plan is to continue educating myself on this condition and to investigate the various approaches to mitigation. Meantime, i intend to stay as positive as i can about this and try not to buy in to the victim mode. (Not that i'm beyond indulging in that from time to time...)

      One last thing i might mention: I've played in an African Marimba Band for about 8 years now, and find it essential to wear earplugs in this environment as much as possible. I've noticed lately that i am more sensitive to high pitched ranges, something i understand can also be associated with T.

      Cheers to all!
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      Hi Sandyleeo,
      Taking the approach of declaring it subjective is a good one. My understanding is that there's a (new) signal there, which is what you hear, but because it's new, you ascribe it to the "danger list". Getting it off the danger list is a big step towards habituation, in my opinion. It sounds like you're a long way along, and I'm pleased for you!

      There were studies done (back in the 50s?) that put non-T sufferers in a very quiet room, but told them they'd play some sounds for them - they played no sounds but still the non-T sufferers reported hearing similar sounds to the T-sufferers. I think this is very significant!

      You may want to look into TRT, which focuses on state of mind, leading towards the goal of habituation; not caring.

      When I'm feeling super-bold, I call myself a "T experiencer" instead of a "T sufferer"; it's a transparent Jedi mind trick, but I like to feel the attitude seeps in.

      All the best to you

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      Welcome Sandyleeo!
      I hear ya!

      Hang out with us and you will get the best information out there - we are avid seek and hunt type people! We just may find answers before the rest! haha

      The big boss here added an extra addition under my name next to the avatar of the clouds. I am the official guinea pig and prefer alternative treatments - however Molan and erik are helping. Karen too, but I don't see her here so much these days.

      See you around!
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk, Sandyleeo! I definitely think you have the right approach to the tinnitus issue. The more you relegate tinnitus to less-important status, the less you'll notice it. Dezdog's suggestion to try TRT, or something similar to it, would probably work well for you. However, if you find you have any more bouts of intense vertigo, don't put off seeing a doctor, to rule out Meniere's. There are treatments for that, as you probably know.

      This forum is a great place to come for the latest information, and to share your thoughts with fellow T "experiencers"! We're glad to welcome you!

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