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      Hi Everyone,

      I just wanted to share my history.

      I am 44 yrs old now and I have had Tinnitus for about 25 yrs now. Sorry if I start rambling on in my sentences as the reason would be is that I have brain fog and lose my concentration at times.

      When I was about 15yrs old, I was in a summer camp and fell from about a height of 7 or 8 feet and landed on my my right side of my face, lost my vision for a few seconds and had a headache. The camp counselor asked me if I was alright and I said yes. I sure wish I said " no I am not alright" back then and had them send me to get checked out. I am pretty sure that fall had caused my tinnitus to develop years down the road.

      Few years after the fall, my jaw started to hurt and click when I chewed. Then eventually my both ears started to feel plugged up (like the feeling when you go swimming) and my ears would unplug when I swallowed, but quickly they would plug up again. Then eventually my right ear starting to ring and then eventually my left ear started to ring also. The part where my skull and neck spine meet, there is a lot of crackling noises going on when I turn my head in any direction. When I put pressure with my hand on the right side of my head (the side I fell on when I was a kid) that is where I get the most crackling sensation.

      I have went to ENT, regular doctor etc.. I have been diagnosed with TMJ and had some type of splint(mouthguard) that I wear every night, but does not seem to help.

      When I have went to a doctor about this Tinnitus, there is one thing I do show them , so they don't think I am crazy in the head etc.. Not sure if anybody has this symptom also. When I quickly fill my right or left cheek with air , my ear will actually make a squeaking noise releasing air. The doctors just look at me stunned and all they say is "don't do that"

      So, yes , Tinnitus is a pain in the ass. It can ruin peoples lives, depending on how severe it is.

      Thanks for reading
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      Hi @John G and Welcome to TT !

      Sorry to hear you have been suffering from T since so long... Has it changed in loudness much in the 25 years you have it ?
      How severe is your T ? Are you habituated or it bothers you still very much...

      Best of luck and I hope you can cope with it !

      Take care !! Lorenzo

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