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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ElRanchoBob, Jun 14, 2014.

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      I just came across this site and was anxious to see what others are going through and hopefully get some info on medical treatments. I have had tinnitus since 1993. It's in my left ear and it has never ceased or diminished during the entire 21 years I've had it. I have just learned to live with it and it doesn't really bother me that much. It just is. I look at other people with some more obvious challenges and I feel grateful that I only have tinnitus. I jokingly tell others who think it's a horrible thing, that with tinnitus I know I'm alive every morning when I wake up. It's the first thing I hear when I wake up and the last thing I hear when I go to sleep. If I ever wake up without ringing in my ears I will know that I'm dead. Some get it, some don't. (n) :unsure: (y) :joyful: For those who are new to this don't let it get you down. It hasn't stopped me from living my life and I will never let it control me.
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      Welcome, Bob!

      We're glad you've joined us, and I believe that if there are any breakthroughs in tinnitus treatment, we'll hear about it here first.

      I've had tinnitus for many years, too. I agree that if we ever wake up to silence, we'll definitely know something is amiss!!

      Look around on this forum, and you'll find lots of useful information. Also, we have a Doctor's Corner, so that if you have questions, you may choose a doctor, and ask a question.

      Again, glad you've joined us!
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      Love your attitude Bob!
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      Ear infection
      Bob you are a true inspiration! I still have hope for waking up w/o T but it has been 3.5 months now and still RINGING strong. :(
      I am trying really hard to rise above the ZING!

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