High-Frequency Hearing Loss in One Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark P, Feb 10, 2016.

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      This is just from online tests, but I have high-frequency hearing loss above 14,000 kHz in my left ear, but I can hear up to 16000 kHz in my right ear. My tinnitus is more in my left ear than right. Is this normal to have high-frequency loss in just one ear?

      My ENT did a VNG and said it looked wonderful. No obvious signs of concern. He thinks everything will resolve itself, since it's 'improving.'

      Just wondering why, if my tinnitus if more from a concert than anything else, why the loss wouldn't be the same in both ears?
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      Hi Mark,
      It sounds promising that your tinnitus will go and time is a great healer.
      As to your question about why is there only tinnitus /hearing loss in one ear and not both after a concert I can try to answer it.
      Tinnitus comes from the limbic system part of the brain and the same place our emotions come from too.
      Extreme sounds and music can cause problems with the Auditory system.
      The Auditory system can be effected through lots of reasons and some temporary and some perminant.
      Tinnitus can be heard in one ear or two and in your head and depending on ear damage and hearing damage will depend on how your tinnitus acts and goes or stays.....lots of love glynis

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