High Frequency Tinnitus After 1st AstraZeneca Shot (+ Myocarditis in Children)

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      Astra Zeneca 1st Shot
      Hello. My name is Paul, I’m 53 and only just discovered Tinnitus Talk looking for people who have experienced the same as me. I’ve never ever had tinnitus but it began at midnight on the 20th October exactly 30 days after my 1st AstraZeneca shot.

      It startled me at first as it was like someone flicked a switch inside my brain to turn it on. I can describe it as a very high frequency noise like Cicadas in summer. It’s very loud at night and wakes me up. I need a radio near my head with loud “off tune” hash noise to drown out the noise in my head so I can sleep. During the day it’s noticeably there but can be drowned out by normal daily noise.

      I found an article that reported around 3500 people contracting tinnitus for the first time in their life from AstraZeneca, around 1500 from Pfizer and only 87 reported from Moderna.

      I downloaded a Tone Generator called SONIC from the App Store and found the High Frequency in between my ears was 4000 Hz. Either side of this frequency the sound would move to my Left ear or Right ear but balanced in the middle at 4000 Hz.

      My Doctor said my tinnitus is not linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine but he said it can be brought on by a lot of things, the main one being stress. I disagreed with him and found my friend Joel also said his tinnitus began for the first time in his life shortly after his 1st AstraZeneca shot. Joel also used the Tone Generator I showed him and his Frequency was balanced at 10,000 Hz, much higher than mine at 4000 Hz.

      I’ve seen chats on this forum that say the tinnitus goes away after 6 months. Is that true?

      I’m very reluctant to get the 2nd AstraZeneca shot now because I want this to go away and not get worse.

      My sleep is now being adversely effected and some nights the high frequency is very loud and extremely disconcerting, causing me anxiety.

      What should I do now? Without being double vaccinated I cannot travel interstate or overseas, cannot visit relatives and cannot get a job driving trucks interstate. Can you successfully live with tinnitus and still function normally in the community? What other adverse effects could appear years later from these vaccines?

      Why are Doctors not reporting warnings that these side effects can occur from the vaccines or is this just a huge world wide experiment and we won’t know the truth until years later when it’s too late? Pfizer said they will not “officially certify” their COVID-19 vaccine as “safe” until 2023 when all their necessary data is collated.

      I would also like to know if it’s the Pineal Gland that’s coming under attack from these vaccines causing tinnitus?

      Dr. Nicoli Petrovski from Flinders University in South Australia is an expert on mRNA vaccines and today on Riverland 5AA radio he also expressed concern with Myocarditis in young boys and that they do not know what other long term adverse effects could appear from these COVID-19 vaccines, because they currently only have 12 months of “rolling data”, as the vaccines are still in “experimental phase” and it takes at least 10 years of data before the COVID-19 vaccines can officially be certified as “safe”.

      I think it’s insane that they now want to give theses vaccines to children knowing it causes Myocarditis and have absolutely no idea how much damage they could be doing to children’s developing Pineal Glands.

      Is this the beginning of Agenda 21?

      Does anyone agree or have information supporting my concerns? What can we do to protect our Children, who will be the next generation suffering long term effects from these medically “unknown” COVID-19 vaccines. How many children are now suffering tinnitus because of COVID-19 vaccines? The world will never ever be the same...
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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
      I researched the power of the mind, self healing and viruses for 4 years since 2017 - why? because for 50 years I would get every bug going, not anymore - the majority of our younger generation have strong immune systems, the knowing you've got 'this thing' inside you is dangerous for all 'the knowing' it creates fear from the mind, sent straight to the immune system, run cells - instead of sending messages from the mind, stay strong there cells.

      And yes cells are aware of what the mind is saying/thinking - ive emailed the government and MP's regarding stopping the negative vibes on the news this winter in the UK 'every hour' negatives - and the fear that's created, weakening millions of immune systems.

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