High-Pitched Ringing for a Few Years — This Past June Got a New Distressing Low, Bi-Tonal Hum

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      Unknown/loud noise
      For a few years I've had a high-pitched ring in both ears (or what seemed like both ear) due to stage volume and failure to wear ear plugs. It wasn't particularly bothersome. I noticed it from time to time, but it wasn't part of my day to day awareness. This June, however, I woke up one morning thinking someone was running a leaf blower or something out in the distant neighborhood. I walked around my house and realized it was inside my "head". It is a low, 2-tone (if you're musical... middle C and D) sound deep in my head on the right side and it just oscillated back and forth. To make matters worse, within 2 days of this new sound, I was pumping up a bike tire and it blew up in my left ear. So now I have the old high-pitched ring, the right side 2-tone, and a louder high pitch in my left ear that doesn't seem to be healing too much.

      It's the low one that really quickly bothered me and induced panics in the middle of the night, as if my brain couldn't figure out what was happening. I went to an audiologist and she said I actually have good hearing. My doctor suggested a couple weeks of FloNase, which did nothing. Neither of them, the audiologist or the doctor, had any frame of reference for a low, bi-tonal hum.

      Additionally, all of it seems to get much louder at times and my ears feel full. I don't know if it's diet related. My gut health/digestion, which is usually STELLAR, has been pretty bad for a few months now as well. Initially, I struggled with being able to focus or think. Now, I'm okay with that but I can't figure it out. I'm convinced it's current state of volume is not permanent, but induced by something. Maybe the L-Glutamine I had started taking. I started it for gut health, brain health, and because I'm vegan. Maybe it had a negative effect for me.

      I'd just feel better knowing someone... anyone... had something similar.
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      SSNHL/ Acoustic Trauma
      I have ear fullness following sudden hearing loss that hasn’t completely gone away yet. It has gotten better than at onset however. I also have multiple tones and diplacusis to certain frequencies.

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