High-Res Images of Inner Ear Could Lead to New Hearing Loss Therapies

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Grant1, Jul 13, 2014.

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      Understanding how hearing works has long been hampered by challenges associated with seeing inside the inner ear, but technology being developed by a team of researchers that includes a biomedical engineer from Texas A&M University is generating some of the most detailed images of the inner ear to date while offering new insight into the mechanics of hearing that could lead to new therapies for hearing loss.

      Employing a technique that generates high-resolution, three-dimensional images, Brian Applegate, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M, and colleagues from Stanford University are mapping the tissues within the cochlea, the portion of the inner ear responsible for hearing. Their research, which appears in the Journal of Neurophysiology, could lead to breakthroughs in understanding of cochlear function, Applegate says.
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      I suppose if Bill Gates would suffer from T, a cure would be available by next week... After all, with 60 billion in your wallet you can get things done and speed up the T research and development process a bit. Seriously... Where is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with all their good work ? As far as I know not a single penny from them on T r&d. Or could it be that I'm wrong ?
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      Acoustic Trauma
      That's the plan then. We kidnap Bill Gates and give him Tinnitus.
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      hmmmm, but George Sorros has already hearing loss. If I would be in such a financial position like him, I would donate 95% of what I have....
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      Noise Induced
      It's a lot better than conjuring up a cure with a shot in the dark. This needs to be priority #1, I can't imagine a cure for cancer without an MRI.
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      "Hey" says the scientist looking at the first ever hi res image of a tinnitus sufferers inner ear... "what are all those tiny crickets doing in there?"
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      unsure, maybe noise (MRI, smoke detector alarm) + somatic??
      Measuring nerve damage caused by noise
      In his research project, Professor Torsten Dau, DTU Electrical Engineering, wants to measure nerve damage in the ears in humans caused by noise exposure.
      “Noise in our daily surroundings has been shown to result in nerve damage on the synapses in the inner ear, which cannot be measured in ordinary hearing tests. Our project combines MRI scanning technology with audiology and neurophysiology to establish methods for measuring this nerve damage and—in the long term—treat them,” he says.

      Very important research!
      Maybe it will answer my question...
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      Same but to research on cancer and antibiotics in the first hand.
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      TMJ and Bad neck
      Nah he just spends his money screwing people over. I'd be genuinely shocked if he would use his wealth to actually benefit humanity.
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