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    1. Does anyone know if HIPPA permits an audiologist to disclose private health information to third parties via email? This disclosure is being done in the audiologist's self interest as a marketer of Neuromonics, and is not for the purposes of my treatment. The information she is disseminating is also inaccurate. I have read up on HIPPA, but it seems as if it takes an expert to understand the intricacies of the law.
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      have you by any chance signed any document giving this right to your audiologist?

      if not i think it's against the law. consult a lawyer and sue the audiologist. not a great way of doing business!
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      @Stink I have signed no documents with this audiologist, related to anything. I even asked for a purchase agreement for the Neuromonics device I received, and I was refused. Dealing with very loud sudden onset T is a full-time job without having to have an adversarial relationship with one of the people to whom I went for help. It makes me very sad and tired. Thank you for your response.

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