Hissing Sound Exacerbated by Air Conditioner?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Constable85, Aug 18, 2015.

    1. I have a bit of the hissing T in my right ear and I find that it can be made worse or at least more noticeable when I sit near my air conditioner. The AC is on the wall to my left when I watch TV and sometimes (not all the time depending on who knows what) the right hear hiss gets crazy loud and annoying. It's like the A/C and the hiss in my right ear somehow make the hiss louder. It used to be pretty much anytime the A/C was on and I was near it but I went through a spell when the A/C didn't have any effect at all. Right now as I type it's not bad but before it was starting to act up. Maybe like all T, it's just a matter of focus but the first time this happened I certainly wasn't thinking about my ears at all. Anyway, just another weird thing with T, anyone else have this?
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      Sounds like reactive tinnitus.
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      Ototoxicity from Electronic Cigarettes (Propylene Glycol)
      Mine doesn't sound exactly like yours, but the air conditioner in my car causes my T to spike for 15 seconds or so, then it dies back down. I can't hear my T OVER the AC when it's on, the noise from it just causes a mini spike, which is kind of weird because noise usually doesn't affect my T....
    4. The A/C in my car doesn't do anything to mine, maybe it's not loud enough or maybe my T just chooses randomly when to get irritated. As I sit here right now with the A/C on it's not acting up but it can decide to any moment. T is so weird. If humans ever do cure this condition, I'm going to be fascinated at how they do it. T just seems so random and illogical and there are so many varieties. I doubt it will ever be cured but it sure would be cool it it was.
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      AC in certain supermarkets does it for mine. Don't think my car one does. The PC I'm sat next to right now does.
      I think its reative T/hyperacusis. Before my H came back many of the sounds which spike it now didnt.
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      Acoustic Trauma?
      This is mild Hyperacusis, I get this when I'm next to an AC or when somebody says something with an S in it.

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