Holidays with Two 8-Hour Flights and Evening with Music Were Maybe too Much?

Discussion in 'Support' started by bekker, Nov 20, 2016.

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      Hey I have tinnitus and hyperacusis. I was a little bit scared to do this vacation because of my condition. I have 33 decibel earplugs which I put in during the flights and the nights that I went in the music.

      During the holiday I had so much fun that the hyperacusis and tinnitus were really on the background. I didn't notice it much and didn't think about it because of the fun I had.

      Now I'm back home I notice that I suffer more from the hyperacucis. I feel it more especially in my right ear and even the right sight of my face and head. Also in classes and in the car sounds hurt more. I feel that the tinnitus also sounds a bit louder but the tinnitus is not THE big problem for me. I can reasonably handle my tinnitus sounds. The big problem is the hyperacusis. I feel it when I'm in busier spaces like with my friends or in classes. It's really annoying.

      Will the hyperacusis and tinnitus that increased because of the holidays decrease?

      What can I do to reduce the hyperacusis. All the tips are welcome.

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