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Discussion in 'Support' started by Michelle Hopkins, Apr 22, 2018.

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      Hi Everyone,

      Just wondering if anyone has every experienced a hollow / echo sensation in their ears? Last night this happened to me and it's still with me now! I went to the out of hours doctor and he said that he could not see any infection, redness, ear canal looked fine! All he said is to call the ENT department tomorrow as I'm already with them and explain what's going on! I'm being referred to CBT which the nurse practitioner said may take between 12-18 weeks to take place so getting an quick answer to this awful sensation seems impossible!

      I have had this feeling before, twice in January! Went to the doctor on 1st occasion and she said I had an infection. On the 2nd occasion it happened the doctor said it was glue ear! The symptoms usually got better after the 1st day but the sensation I have now differs from the last 2 episodes! When I speak or eat all I can hear is an echo and it's almost like there's a vibration in my ear! Driving with it is awful! I can't have anyone talk to me in close proximity when near the left ear! It never effected me in this way last time it happened! I'm barely coping with the spike in my Tinnitus but dealing with this as well is just unimaginable!!

      Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated


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