Hot Showers — a Unique Twist

Discussion in 'Support' started by nick ahmad, Jun 14, 2016.

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      Hi Everyone,

      Hot showers does seem to help reduce T for me particularly at the onset more than a year ago..I used to love entering the shower in the mornings and having warm water on my head. The T somehow abates but dreadfully comes back soonest I am out of the bathroom..anyway, any respite is good.

      Fast forward one year. I came upon a unique way of having showers..and it helped me tremendously, the T stayed relatively tame for a considerable time after..even hours. From the research I made on the net, this method of showering not only helps (my T) but also balances out the bodies heat distribution and even guards against major illnesses (I don't have proof but it does feel good! )

      You will need handheld shower heads (if possible);

      1. Begin with soaking your feet with the shower heat (water temp is moderate) for about 1 minute or so

      2. Go upwards throughout the whole body, knees, thighs, tummy and chest stopping at intervals of 30 seconds each.

      If done correctly you can actually feel the heat rise up through your head and lastly

      3. The head.

      I think you can also do this with a fixed shower head but need to adjust your body accordingly..needs some acrobatics.

      Once again its entirely my own experience.

      All the best!

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      Id say youre benefitting from residual inhibition?
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