How Can Tinnitus Go Away if Damage Is Irreversible? How Can Stress Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, Jun 25, 2014.

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      I don't understand something? If Tinnitus is in fact caused by damage to hair cells in the ear that is irreversible, then:

      1). How can Tinnitus just go away if the damage is just irreversible?

      2). How can stress cause damage to hair cells and initiate Tinnitus?

      I think stress directly doesn't damage the hair cells. It just makes an already present tinnitus due to hair cell damage worse or stress related T is altogether different which doesn't have any hair cell damage and is some brain phenomenon
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    2. Denny

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      Tinnitus signal comes from the brain. It is a lot more
      Complex than hair in the ear it could be cochlea or circulation etc...
      Some people have no hearing loss and have tinnitus , some people are
      Deaf but have no tinnitus.
    3. Martin69

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      My T was definitely caused by stress. I had no noise exposure, infection etc.
      I am very sure my audiogram would have been the same before and after T onset.
      It is the ski slope graph where higher frequencies are worse.
      During a stress phase, my head started ringing like crazy.
      You can be right that maybe I had T already before. But I was never aware of T, fleeting T or anything with my ears.
      Nevertheless I hear a sound in my head now.
      Very difficult, or impossible, to put it into the background again.
      I am working on my reaction to it - that I simply do not react.
      But currently going through a depression because of T.
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      Loud Music
      @Martin69 do you have Hyperacusis as well?

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