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Jun 14, 2023
Nov 22, 2021
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Thomas_83 was last seen:
Jun 14, 2023
    1. Pistolpete
      How do you protect your ears when in the boat? Among all the other things I worry about these days of suffering bad only 4 months after onset of a high pitch intrusive tinnitus (among them suicide) is how the hell I am going to enjoy a summer in my boat - without damaging my ears even more. Its a 150 hk outboard, and most certainly has a sound level above what's recommended.
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      2. Stacken77
        @Pistolpete Driving at slightly slower speed, and using deeply inserted foam earplugs and a quality pair of ear muffs on top will very likely take the sound down to levels that are not damaging.
        Mar 16, 2022
      3. AfroSnowman
        I'd use ear plugs
        Mar 16, 2022
      4. Thomas_83
        Hi @Pistolpete
        The boat is on land for the season. But i plan to use my custom moulded earplugs with 30db filter. Its an inboard engine with very good soundproofing. But earlier i had a 140hp Outboard so I understand you are worried.
        As you write HK and not HP i see that you maybe are Norwegian?
        Mar 17, 2022
    2. IntotheBlue03
      Hey so glad ur doing better with ur T. I’m struggling with the anxiety and panic attacks how are u doing with that? Hoping that improved at the same rate?
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      3. Thomas_83
        So first I read that I can reduce the size of amygdala in the brain when breathing properly (not the chest). And then i found Terrys video. Never seen a man so honest and open about his feelings. If he can do it so can i. Its very difficult to not measure the T. I heard it all day today. But im not getting mad about that its loud. Or thinking im gonna live with this rest of my life.
        Feb 24, 2022
      4. Thomas_83
        Thats dark thoughts, and its feeding the T. But i am a little stressed, and that my respons to T today. So the big trick is to find a way out of the panic and anxiety. Do what ever works for you. Not medications, but yoga maybe? Find something to keep your mind of the T, then the anxiety will fade. Tell yourself anxiety is not dangerous, im in control of my life. Get some massage, or massage yourself in jaw areas?
        Feb 24, 2022
      5. Thomas_83
        I’ve been where you are and its very difficult, but some days are better then others. And you need to ”feed” on those good days. Forget the bad. Hugs from a sofa in Norway :)
        Feb 24, 2022
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