How Do Hearing and Sight Influence Cognitive Decline?

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      Previous research suggested that hearing loss and abnormalities in the eye are tied to memory loss and a higher Alzheimer's risk. New evidence now indicates that addressing hearing and sight problems can slow down cognitive decline.
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      Opting for hearing aids and cataract surgery can make a big difference when it comes to slowing down cognitive decline.

      Existing studies have pointed out that there is a link between the quality of a person's hearing and their eye health and their exposure to cognitive decline.

      For instance, one such study covered on Medical News Today suggested that poor hearing may correlate with a poor memory.

      Another one proposed that we could detect Alzheimer's disease by looking for tell-tale abnormalities in a person's eyes.

      Now, two new papers — each based on studies conducted by the same scientists from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom — look at the evidence indicating that treating hearing loss and eyesight problems can slow down the development of cognitive decline.

      One of the papers, published in the journal PLOS One, shows that people who have had surgery for cataract — which is condition that can lead to vision loss in the absence of a surgical intervention — have a slower cognitive decline rate.​

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      central gain << NIHL
      As a person with NIHL this does not make me happy at all.
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