How Do Most of You Deal With This? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cyril peckham, Feb 21, 2015.

    1. Cyril peckham

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      How do most of you deal with this...? I had this for a long time and it's getting worse. Now I have the flu and it's worse. Please help.
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    2. Georgia

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      Hey! I've had T for a while to. Since i was a kid. And its been awhile and to be honest it sometimes it weighs on me more than other times. And i also have a cold so my T is really bad and I can relate.

      How I deal with it

      Well it use to really depress at first, sometimes I couldn't sleep. But since I became more determined not to let my T and hearing loss limit me I started being able to not notice it.
      I stay far away from complete silence I always have music playing or am always talking to someone. There are some really useful noises for T like running water.
      We all have dreams and talents. These are the things that I guess I threw myself into. I started deciding that I was going to be more focused on concerning myself with stuff that I had complete and utter power over. Like my grades and improving at hobbies and putting myself out there for new experiences. Every time I feel like giving up and just being generally angry and upset that I have to deal with this I remember that Tinnitus maybe apart of my life, but I doesn't mean it controls my life! And I know that I am not alone. Neither are you the fact that someone is replying to you means that they can relate and understand. Its made me stronger and its given me the gift of having The ability to understand real frustration so i can help others like me. I love that I can speak out to people who know how I feel, we've all been there. And if your lucky (which some of us are) then you can go on to do amazing things because all of this has taught us so much. If your lucky its all up to you. We have the power to make sure T doesn't control us!

      My ears are in pain as write this, let's be strong together.

      I know it seems easy to say than to do but just remember 'it always seems impossible until its done' and when it's done it really improves your life.

      Sending you my strength and support!

      Georgia :)
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    3. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      When my T gets annoying, I stick cotton in my ears. It doesn't lower the volume, but it protects my ears in this vulnerable state. I figure when my remaining hair cells are dancing around they need all the help they can get. I've been doing this a long time and by rights I should be half deaf from loud music but I'm not. In the late 70's I began to get careful and for the most part it's paid off.

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