How Does Silence Sound?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Marijana, Apr 7, 2015.

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    1. Marijana

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      Hello everybody :)

      I found this forum yesterday and it's awesome! (y) Well let me introduce myself.
      I'm Marijana and I'm 21. I can't for sure say how long I've got this gorgeous music in my ears, but I'd say it's been around for over a year :grumpy:

      I'm currently waiting for an appointment for an audiologist, which is by the end of april, and can't wait to see what's going on, because lately I feel overwhelmed :depressed:
      I honestly don't know why I waited so long to see my doctor, maybe I was scared and denying that there is something "wrong" with me..but OK beter ever than never right? :bag:

      My tinnitus is very loud if I can say so, it is high pitched sound in both ears that never goes away. Even if surrounded with loud noise I can hear it if I concentrate. I also noticed that my ears are kinda sensitive to loud noise (loud speaking, screaming, car horn) and very rarley can hurt on a second.

      When I'm in quiet place (before sleep) I can hear 2-3 lower pitched sounds which I find fascinating :mad: also I'm not sure if anyone experienced this, but in my left ear I hear something like waves,wind or hum :dunno: in last 4-5 months (lately much more noticable) and that thing is worse than the high pitched noise which is present all the time. When I'm lying on left side everything is ok , but when I turn to right side sometimes it gets reaaally annoying :eek:

      I think I'm coping very well with T, but I must confess, after reading few threads, that I changed since I noticed my T. Not sure if T has anything to do with it but I used to be very happy person, without depressive thoughts, always on go. I still am, I'm trying to be positive no matter what, but those are small things that when you think about yourself :peeking: you become aware that you are not the same.

      Anyway, I feel like I wrote a novel here :LOL: sorry for that. I hope we all find our piece and somehow in near future delete this T forever.
      Remember that you are stronger than you think and don't sink, there's is so much in life that awaits us! :rockingbanana:

      Cheers :beeranimation:
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    2. Lorenzo74

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      Hi Marjana and welcome to TT..

      You seem to be having the right attitude about it and I am sure it will help you to habituate faster and be the positive person that you seem to be…

      Do read around as you can find lots of valuable information in here and some nice people to share your T adventure with…

      Take care of yourself and your ears !

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    3. Stink

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      does your name marijana mean you like marijuana? or coincidence?

      i like your post. positive! welcome to forum
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    4. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Hello MJ,

      Welcome. Good attitude and positive thread! Silence? This time last year, I could have told you. Not anymore.

      To bad you didn't see and ENT at the beginning. But, having an audiogram done, will at least let you know about hearing loss. sounds like you have Hyperacusis also, but that can fade after awhile. Protect your ears going forward and enjoy your life. It will get easier over time.

      Browse all the forums, for things people have tried, to help reduce their T and read the success stories.

      You are certainly not alone! We all have it, in one form or the other.

      God Bless,

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    5. Brianna
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      No clue - too many causes.
      What a fascinating question, Marijana - "How does silence sound?" I used to live in a soundless world. It's as close to being in total peace with everything to me. Being scared and denying there's something wrong with you are logical feelings to have.

      Love your attitude. I'd like a clone of your brain.

      In peace,
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    6. Marijana

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      @Lorenzo74 Thanks! :)

      Hahah nice one! (y) Coincidence, I'm from Croatia and many people (non croatian speakers) ask me that. Thanks! :D

      Sorry to hear that Sailbordman :sorry: I hope you're dealing well with it, hang in there men! (y)
      You scared me a little with Hyperacusis part, but I won't think about it until I get done with Tympanometry and Tone Audiometry.
      Thank you for kind words. GB! :)

      Hey B! :) I totaly understand you. When you start to think about how it used to be you get frustrated,and that's the worst part because you know it will never be like before :unsure: BUT as soon as you accept that thing as normal part of your life, you will be able to concentrate on other more important things.

      I can tell you that I thought T is normal sound and I didnt pay much attention to it until one day I started to think about it :asshat: I'm ok with it, but as well I don't want to stop hoping that cure will be invented :bookworm:
      Thank you for support!:beeranimation:
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    7. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      I thought that too, haha!
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