How Is Music Produced?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nick Pyzik, Sep 30, 2016.

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      Music is sound. Frequencies manipulated and put together in a precise manner that each is complimented by one another. I was looking to get some opinions by users and producers themselves on here about how a song is produced.

      As a musician and once music producer myself, I've become very fascinated by what allowed me to hear noise in such a high emotional quality. I've tried countless times over these past months to create music again through a DAW, but its just not possible with my lost ability to distinguish noises amongst each other. Producing music is definitely not just hearing noises and raising each noises volume. Frequencies need to be raised and lowered to be equalized. Sounds need to be compressed. This is not just done by the hair cells of the cochlea. It's the processing involved. A lot of processing.

      So let me hear some opinions. It would be much appreciated.
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      In most music there are several instruments or voices playing, often making different frequency sounds. The concept of harmony is based on the ratio of various ones. 2:1 is an octave and is regarded as a perfect harmony. 3:2 is the next, then 4:3 and so on, each one being slightly less harmonious than the one before. Then there are chords, chord progressions, rhythms, etc. Is this the sort of information you want? If so you should study musical theory. If you want to know about how feeling and mood are conveyed in music I can't help you, sorry. Maybe ask a composer of music. What you call compression is a technical process designed to alter the amplitude of the original music for some reason. I'm told that years ago when vinyl was used for recordings compression was used to stop the tracks running into each other while retaining the amount of music on the disc. The loudness or quietness in music is written on the score for the player to follow. Altering the frequency of certain tracks is a trick made necessary because some singers cannot sing in tune.

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