How Long Do Spikes Last?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, May 14, 2014.

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      7 weeks into T . Just when I thought I can maybe manage it and it wasn't too bothersome and I had some control over it, it has spiked for no reason since about 5 days. It was more on the left side but now even my right ear/head has started to whistle like crazy. It's a high pitch wave like tone and nothing seems to mask it, not even the television, fan or trains. I am taking gingko+Piracetam +vinpocetin at present since 8 days.

      I have post concussion symptoms as well like sensitivity to light and sounds, can't read much as it stresses my eyes easily ,dizziness and pressure feeling in head and I can barely walk more than 50 steps at a time and can't travel at all:cry:
      Had to resign from my job after this life changing event and my dreams and ambition is finished ! I was already going through a heartbreak after my fiancée recently broke the engagement and soon after that my concussion followed.

      I had an MRI yesterday which has definitely had some effect on the loudness/anxiety. I regret having MRI done now as I can't help obsessing over it that it might have caused more damage to my hearing( had sufficient protection but still it was loud). It was negative. How long have your spikes lasted at the most? I hope it goes down to the baseline soon as it's making me really panicky and irritating with my family members . I feel like crying and need a hug guys . Why doesn't god listen to me :(
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      @Asian I am going through a spike now from traveling yesterday... 5 hours driving, 3.5 hours in air, hours in
      airport. Tried to wear earplugs most of the time. Yet ears are screaming last night and today. Awhile ago I laid hands on my ears in desperation, and shouted prayers in Jesus' Name to help tone it down, take away the pain, heal it. I copied the words off the You Tube's of healing evangelists (Joan Hunter, Randy Clark, John Mellor, Tony McCanless, etc). The tinnitus backed off and quieted down. It started building up again though 1-2 hours later. I repeated the
      same thing. It backed off again, quieted down, and is still better than it had been. Miracle? Coincidence? Scared it through the (soft) shouting? Sometimes healing isn't instantaneous, but is progressive, right? May get healed bit by bit over time (who knows how long...), though I'll gladly take the instant. Doing everything possible as far as modalities shared here and everywhere too.
      :thankyousign: Jesus

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