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  1. not at all. I'm as cool as a cucumber.

  2. a little mad, (like all day I thought I had ice cream at home but I found out I didn't.)

  3. pretty mad! Like they canceled my fav tv show! WHY!??!?!

  4. SO MAD. I flipped a table like the real housewives of tinnitus.


  6. I WOULD CLUB A BABY SEAL (I know, this one is terrible, but I am being dramatic here)

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    1. Gigi

      Gigi Member

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      F#$k this. I am not sure if I am allow to sweat on here so I'll just use symbols I guess.

      I am sooooo mad.

      The worst part is that I am mad at myself. Like I can't even blame someone else for this.

      I'm so done with this!! SO DONE. I just want to sleep. That's all. I'm not asking for the moon, or to be Leonardo Dicaprio's wife (okay well maybe I do want that) or to be the president of the United States.

      Also F#$K All my friends. I hate them SOOOOOOOOO much. Okay maybe hate is a strong word. They're just anoying.

      Also I HATE SO MUCH when people say "just relax" "don't worry about it" "ignore it". OH REALLY!?!?!? OOOOHHHHH I TOTALLY WAS NOT DOING THAT. I DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT. YOU ARE SOOOOO SMART. Like I am trying. I just can't automatically "not worry about it".

      I know I sound like a big ol' b#$ch right now (I am a little, who am I kidding tee-hee) but I am just so f#$king exhausting and so angry!!!! RAAARRRRRR! Idk why I made a dinosaur sound. I wish I could be like 100 ft fall and destroy a city, get my rage out, ya know. Okay maybe not 'cause I don't want to kill people but you get what I am saying.

      And now my eyes are kinda weird... like blurry I guess? Idk if that is related.

      That's it. I'm just mad, and sick of talking to the people in my life so Ima just post this here. Just ventin'.
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    2. Fangen

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      December 2nd, 2015
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      Acoustic trauma (loud concert for 1h)

      No but really, I feel the same way from time to time.
      I can't blame my T on anyone but myself either, which sometimes can be the hardest part. To blame yourself for this crap and that you could have maybe done something about it. But yeah, it's already done and it's happened. I know it doesn't help to hear that but I guess we must make peace. I see a therapist to get some help along with other T related stuff to get over that.
      I also stopped hanging with some of my friends, although I told them about my T, none have ever asked about how I am doing with that, or anything. Like they have forgotten. I just hear about their crap and problems that aren't problems. So f**k them. You don't need people that don't care about you, neither do I. In times of need is when you truly see how fake people might be.

      Hope you feel better soon! Also, love your poll!
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    3. attheedgeofscience
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      attheedgeofscience Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      Head Injury
      As far as I know, you can sweat all you want on TinnitusTalk.
    4. Owen

      Owen Member

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      It can be very tough. I was definitely someone that thought it impossible to ignore - my tinnitus can be very loud and highly variable. I used to find it extremely irritating to read people having it for a few weeks and saying they were habituating and fine with it, when I was so far from fine. I thought to myself "what do these fools that talk about habituation know about it - nothing that's what!".

      It turns out though that it does get easier with time. I developed mine from a prescription drug allergy, but I still blamed myself though. I kept and still do sometimes think I should have ignored the doctors ignorant advice. I knew something wasn't right, but I allowed myself to be persuaded otherwise.

      It has taken me well over a year to start to seriously come to terms with it and even now, I am far from "fine", but I am okay - most of the time.

      It's an old cliché, but time really is a great healer - both physically and mentally.
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