How Many Days Does Temporary Tinnitus Last?

Discussion in 'Support' started by user5871, Sep 20, 2015.

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      I'm just wondering if anyone knows how long your average temporary tinnitus lasts, and after how long is it becoming likely to be more of a permanent thing?

    2. Bertman
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      That really depends on the cause. In my case (acoustic trauma) the longest I've read about on various forums is a few weeks. I think mine may have also disappeared as it had went down significantly after 2 weeks but then I let myself around loud noise again and caused it to stay indefinitely. But there are many causes of tinnitus and it depends on the person. Chances are if it has been a month or so I would prepare for the long haul, thats just my opinion though. Anyways, hopefully its the former for you and you can enjoy silence once again.
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      @user5871 Depends on the cause, as Bertman noted, and also the level of severity. Constantly monitoring it and becoming anxious and distressed are obstacles to improvement.

      I've read all sorts of timelines about when tinnitus is considered chronic. Six months seems to be the consensus. But like all afflictions, everyone is an individual and what holds true for one person may not be true for another. There are instances where people have had tinnitus for two or more years, and then - poof! - it vanishes. We should all be so lucky.
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      If I've had consistent tinnitus for 5-6 days (consistent volume and always there), is that pretty much a permanent thing?

      It makes very little sense to me, as I have been careful with noise over the past few months and my tinnitus was pretty much gone. It had been a reactionary thing at night due to long days of audio exposure. But now it's settled in 24/7 and is not budging.
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      It sounds like your tinnitus as spiked and can be due to a few things but should settle down again soon if you haven't put your ears in any danger like loud sounds.

      Doctors dont usually send people to ENT for tinnitus till have it 4-6 months unless you have other symptoms as it could go....lots of love glynis

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