How to Calm Your Mind from Tinnitus

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      possible loud music earpods
      In 2010 i got tinnitus from either saline liquid entering my E tubes or listening to loud music on a 12 mile walk.
      One of these triggered the problem, previously i had always had excess wax problems possibly only caused by dunking head underwater in a bath.

      From 2010-2011 i habituated and was only aware of the noise at bedtimes, but as i slept well it was no big deal and actually impacted my life in no way. I never heard it during the day unless in silence. this was no big deal.

      2016 November.. after a stressful few months and being anxious i think a rollercoaster ride triggered things to a higher level, I searched and searched for the reason and got hooked onto the sound again. A holiday in the sun a few weeks later just removed the sound !! i couldn't understand why it never even crossed my mind at all on that holiday, i never heard it and forgot i had it. The flight home was late, i drove through the night and got 2 hours sleep before i started work the same day and BANG it was back and fierce all day, almost like a switch had been pressed.

      Over the last 14 months i have been through the worse times, bad days , very bad days, average days, and some good.

      One day i can drive the car to work and hear nothing and other days its above the car noise and unavoidable.

      The one thing i can say is that if your mind is preoccupied with something else that involves your brain to concentrate,the noise is not Audible, it may be still there but i cant hear it.

      The few things that make it worse are
      Noise loud stuff
      lack of sleep
      worrying about things that are out of my control
      constant noise like long car trips
      Itching ears that require rubbing for relief.
      white noise that you kinda get hooked on but you seem to require more and more, like your brain needs it

      The things that make it better are
      spending time with friends and talking about interesting things.
      concentrating on something that you are enjoying or getting satisfaction from doing something interesting
      time off work
      being happy and enjoying a good day
      placing a small shaver vibrating just below the ear bone for a few minutes (if it tickles your ear and makes you shiver then it is the right place!!!) after this i can be noise free for a few minutes (actually GONE) but always returns.

      I have more good days now than bad, they all were bad at the beginning.
      Mine does fluctuate in Volume daily. The clear distention between hearing it above car engine sound on not at all when driving proves that something is turning up and down the volume. You can master this in some cases and you need to know where your off switches are.

      I hope you all find yours
      And good luck everyone , do not loose faith or hope.
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Please be careful with the method above. I got my T after a sonic toothbrush came into contact with the opening of my ear canal for a fraction of a second...
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