How to Deal with the Grief of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by terry123, Apr 4, 2013.

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      Don't really care what others think, to each his/her own opinion on this Tinnitus, we are all different as persons, should we choose to grieve then that's what our individual make up tells us to do, our sounds are individulized as are grief should be.
      I've said that I considered myself a strong minded person, but the power of this is well astounding, and you know in the real world it's only a whisper....It wears me down after a long day at work, and any silence that may comes my way is appreciated, and if there is a higher reason for this ...well ket us know why so we can understand and deal with this stupidty called Tinnitus.
      I myself am having a full BORE screaming type of day after 2 really really quiet days, but my cicadas masker is helping cope today:) My point is that I would consider it normal for a person to grieve and feel sorry for yourself...a little bit anyway...we are after all only human and to be human allows you to grieve....
      Your right life is tough...but we continue to march on:banghead:

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