How Will I Habituate to This Weird Tinnitus Pattern?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, May 1, 2014.

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      It's been 6 weeks of T. I got it from mild concussion. It's intermittent and usually is quiet in the morning till late evening( sometimes it actually goes away completely without even a slight hiss! ). Most if the time it's only in my left ear though it keeps moving into my head and sometimes my right ear . Well today is not so good day and it's little louder in my left ear.

      My problem is that this is a low volume high pitch sound which i hear in the evening. It's uneven and has many breaks in between sometimes but it's never a constant tone. How can one possibly habituate to this pattern overtime ? Sometimes it's the static current like sound I hear at the back of my head :(
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      Asian don't despair it is possible to habituate this sound. I have multiple sounds one high pitch rings one a bit lower pitch ring and a almost mechanical sound sometimes as well what you described goes up and down in volume and sounds just like electricity or a current. I'm doing rather well you can do. Don't get in the habbit of thinking things like I can't habituate this because of this reason. Read Dr.Naglers letter to a tsufferer. Good luck.
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      I did have a lot of ear pain in the beginning it has died down a lot and I still have some occasionally. It was tts for me I believe I'm not sure if I ever had hyperacusis, i was never diagnosed but I did have some sensitivity to sound. Which is almost non existent now. @Denny
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      Sorry about the concussion; that's not how I got my T but I did get a concussion last year (dizzy, very tired for three weeks).

      My T is cyclical like yours; so habituation did take me a while (a year); but don't fret, I didn't have extreme anxiety and depression for the entire year (until habituation) and there's no reason you should either. In that sense it takes longer to habituate. It's not so much about the pitch/frequency/volume of the sound, it's about controlling your reaction to it -- that's habituation. Though it's not easy, it is definitely doable. When my T is screaming I can't NOT hear it, but I just don't care and lately it just hasn't really been registering with my brain. It's there, but I hear it just like I hear the A/C at work (it's in the 'whatev' bucket). That may seem like a fantasy to you right now; but it will be your reality.

      I know I make it sound like it's not big deal; like 'what's your problem?'. It IS a big deal and it's NOT easy to do; but it is doable and you will get there. Work on not reacting to it a little more each day (it really robs it of all its power).

      Hope this helps!

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