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      I reside in the northwestern part of Texas. In late March 2014, I awoke with 'ringing / clicking' sounds in my left ear. After 4 days of Dubrox oil to soften excessive ear wax in left ear, ENT suctioned / removed softened wax - voila - no more such sounds. Then on May 15, 2014, the following day after surgical removal of a sebaceous cyst from the back of my neck, intrusive T began being perceived in both ears, but actually is inside head noise. Often greater perception from left ear though.
      I've been examined by an ENT, two audiologists, and a neurologist [waiting on MRI scan report]. Currently, involved directly with a doctor of audiology who's working with me via TRT, a clinical psychologist [that has habituated to T] who's working with me using CBT / Mindfulness Meditation via Skype, a local psychiatrist, and another local clinical psychologist for anxiety issues initiated by T, and another local neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders, i.e., my insomnia.

      I'm 71 with several health issues and have discovered that many potential seeming beneficial meds / supplements have various interactions with meds that I already am taking.

      Right now, T seems to have changed almost every facet of my life and not in positive ways. Being problem presently is sleep. Most nights too little, some not at all. Sleep doc prescribed 1mg klonopin for night prior to bedtime. He seems to imply little chance of addiction with long term use, but I'm quite fearful of addiction. Pharmacist says otherwise and I note that many members here advise against using klonopin for sleep.

      Since finding this forum, I believed I've been exposed to much more beneficial information than
      I might have found elsewhere and more timely as well.
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      Hi, MCK Trader, and welcome!! We're glad you've joined us, and hope you'll find a lot of information and support on this forum.

      Sorry you're having sleep problems. You might want to try a natural supplement instead of the klonopin, if you are concerned about addiction. Although natural supplements are more subtle, they can help you relax and fall asleep naturally. You could try timed-release melatonin, valerian root, or chamomile tea. I use magnesium chloride about an hour before bedtime, and it helps me relax.

      It sounds like you're doing all the right things, and hope you'll get some help or results from one of the doctors or practitioners you're working with.

      Best wishes,
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      Hello MCK Trader welcome to our forum and of course I'm also sorry to see you here. I've taken Klonopin 1mg in the past for sleep and really didn't have much of an issue with dependency if your worried about it maybe you can take it every other day or something just so that you get a good nite's sleep .....Sleep in my opinion is key if you don't sleep you get more and more anxious which in turn could lead to higher T. Please take care of yourself and keep posting we're all here to help each other.
      God Bless

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