Humming Sound in Left Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by MariaH, Oct 12, 2014.

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      I recently acquired tinnitus from noise exposure and along with high end, I experienced the much worse low end. It had a warble to it, like somebody with a subwoofer in their car down the street.

      Just like everyone, it wouldn't be nearly as obvious when outside, would be worse inside, and is mostly hidden if I plug my ears.

      It was incredibly loud the first 3 days, and with 2 weeks of Prednisone it dissapeared, only to return afterward.

      ENT claimed no fluid in ear but I could feel clogging when I'd swallow or do the valsalva menuver.

      I tried Flonase and breathing in steam. This got me temporary relief. But I'm happy to say, after 3 days of this, it has vanished.

      I also was entirely dehydrated from all the magnesium citrate I had been taking along with benedryl to sleep and the Prednisone.

      I've been drinking water like it's my job, eating healthy, and using the Flonase once a day and I found relief from the low end warble.

      The high end hiss is still present, and things like the shower/tub/faucet or plastic bags hurt a little, but I'm so relieved to be rid of the low end.

      I hope this gives you hope, that you can overcome this.
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      Greg yes thank you. All those possibilities I've explored myself, I do have low iron quite often and don't drink any water like ever and wouldn't be suprised if my D was low. Every few months I hit myself up with these vitamins. Docs have never been concerned but I've had blood tests which show low iron but nothing else. Had any MRI when it first started and was clean, even the neck but not am MRA. My neck does have some disc degeneration and my posture is terrible and and and, it doesn't seem right though that it's blood flow I don't know, jus doesn't gel that one but I can't be 100%. It's pm erratic with its coming and goings that you can't find a pattern to it. For the last two years I've also developed what seems like GERD .....- which is a nightmare in itself and also without any pattern to food or anything. Just comes and goes in many different scenarios.....

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