Hyperacusis/Hearing Distortion

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ilija, Mar 17, 2015.

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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      Ok, my last post was a panic induced pent up post.
      My feelings and life are nowhere near as grim.
      Look what I have is the following, my general hyperacusis-when car breaks hurt like hell has gone down.
      My original undertones -pc undertones are 90% gone.
      I think what I have is more of a reactive tinnitus.
      The new tinnitus i have, although it is very low I can only really hear it if my ears are shut is a crickety electrical sound.
      And when I do stuff like rubbing my hands on my clothes, hearing some cars in the distance, listening to certain music it reacts.
      It doesn't happen always it doesn't happen constantly and it varies from day to day greatly.
      For instance today for about 20 minutes it was so low and I could swear it had gone for some moments, this was after I was done playing a game, I had forgotten about it, I hadn't heard it during my time playing the game and what would usually trigger it didn't trigger it, so I can safely assume it's somewhat in the mind.
      Now I don't know if it's hyperacusis or reactive tinnitus, the one thing I do know is judging by what I have read I don't have that hearing distortion.
      Example 1: Someone hears a sound differently than it was before- hearing distortion
      Me: I hear a sound and it's the same as it was before only now it is followed by an undertone that reacts to it-probably reactive Tinnitus.
      My guess is after the yelling I got some quiet new tinnitus and it seems to be reactive, of course standard rules apply, the less I think about it the less it's there and before the hair dryer I had almost completely eliminated it just by listening to music/not thinking about it/not monitoring it.
      Of course now that it's present in music it'll be harder but I am confident that with time after I stop monitoring it and looking for it/thinking about it you know the deal, it'll at least lower, perhaps enough so that I can listen to music freely again.
      I just wanted to know has anyone had this and if so has it gone away/improved?
      I'm hoping it's just reactive T and that in time it'll pass.
      Also as you might imagine after my panic attack my general tinnitus and the reactive one are worse but I know they'll settle down once I do so at least I'm making some form of progress.
      Sorry for the long post back there, I really don't know what came over me, after reading some horror stories I remembered what I did to myself when I got tinnitus and I'm not going to make it all worse for me again just because I read horror stories and have lost faith in the likely situation that this will all blow over with time.
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      What is it like today

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