Hyperacusis on 20/20 TV In US

Discussion in 'Support' started by gary, Feb 8, 2014.

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      Hi Suer

      A blanket itself won't do much, unless they have double or sound insulating glass. They might damp reflections inside cause glass is kinda reflective. Acoustics in those modern houses with many stone floors and lots a glass or mostly not so good: very bright and reflective. Carpets, curtains, large paintings, and heavy furniture can help here. But that's for inside acoustics.

      Considering outside noise. Soundproof glass should shave off 20-30Db's while a blanket might shave off hardly any Db's(maybe a few) This couple are actually creating more or less a 'dead 'room. That means lots of absorption of acoustic reflections like in a studio.

      But like Dan said, they might have taken many other precautions we don't know ...

      It might cost less effort to just move to a more calm neigbourhood/house/appartment i geuss if you have to isolate against both contact ( japongus his point, this is in some appartments impossible) and air sound.

      That's the only advice i would give that couple. Sure each region has its noises. BUT NY city, darn it. Why not move to an industrial zone or aiport ? I'd take the country or a quieter town over anything if my H would be that bad. You'll have more control over your sound environment wich will let you decide how fast you go if you want to get better tolerances.

      It might be a real challenge to move in such a condition: family ties, emotional, fincancial, H wise... but why stay in a for you kinda 'toxic' environment? It won't do their levels of anxiety good to have to run for sirens in their house and to have to run like hunted animals outside? Doesn't help break the vicious circle severe H can be at all.
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      ear infection
      I don't know about what glass they have. Maybe they do?? I'm not agreeing with their choices, just saying that it seems the assumption is made they haven't done these other things, and I'm playing devil's advocate.

      I personally don't believe in their method. I "muffed" myself in the beginning and my condition got worse. Then I sought out habituation therapy and that's worked well for me.
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