Hyperacusis or Diplacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Weswhat, Sep 14, 2015.

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      Think I may have developed hyperacusis or diplacusis in my right ear.
      I hear a ringing sound when ever I hear the water faucet or shower on. Doesnt hurt but definitely an annoyance. Also hear the ringing when plastic bags are being messed with. So far I dont notice it much with anything else. Havent been outside much since the onset 3 days ago. Another thing, my ear tends to ache during mid afternoon until I go to bed, but the ache is gone when I wake up... recently had my ears cleaned out and this started about a week after. Opinions?
      Oh and Ive had very mild tinnitus which I hardly notice in the same ear for 3 years which the cause is still unknown.
      Also can this be temporary and/or does it get better with time? Im only 22. Pretty stressed. Thanks.
      Edit: forgot to mention I went to the doctors after the ear syringing for pain in my right ear and was told I probably had an ear infection. But now Im wondering if it was hearing damage due to my ear being syringed. My right ear also feels off as if there is light pressure of some sort. Read a lot of posts on here and Im highly confused.

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