Hyperacusis Setback

Discussion in 'Support' started by Paulie87, May 12, 2014.

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      Hey Guys,

      I've had tinnitus and some sound sensitivity which started off initially pretty bad after a concert a few years ago.

      Mostly since, I've been careful and wear musicians ear plugs on the odd chance I go to a concert which is rare for me now anyway, and I do my best to live life normally otherwise, just avoiding night clubs.

      Last year I had to get grommets put in after problems with eustachian tube dysfunction and horrible popping etc in the ears. This had all been going fine.

      Recently I took a plane flight from Sydney to Melbourne and back which as it was only an hour flight on a big plane, I didn't think would be a problem. Ever since, a few days after I got back home, my sound sensitivity feels like it's getting worse and worse. I still can go to relatively noisy places like shopping centres etc, but music sounds distorted as anything whenever there is a higher pitch sound, and I feel sensitive to higher pitch noises. Particularly some people who speak with a bit of a lisp or saliva when they talk, seems to be irritating me as I can just hear the sound which I can never remember hearing before. My Otologist Professor Paul Fagan in Sydney did all the usual hearing tests and said I have very good hearing and nothing obvious which is causing the problem.

      Does anyone know what I can do to get some sort of treatment for this? Does anyone know what could be causing the hyperacusis or dysacusis as my Otologist called it, to be a problem all of a sudden? What can I do to help? I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon to the USA in about 6 months time, I just want to make sure I do whatever I can to stay healthy and not get worse. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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      Hi Paulie,

      Have you considered pink noise therapy?

      Or TRT?

      You may also want to send a question to Dr. Nagler in our Doctors' Corner. He is specialized in TRT.

      The following is from here.

      Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 2.03.22.png
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      Look into sound desensitization therapy for the hyperacusis. :)

      Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!

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