Hyperuricemia and Tinnitus

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      Came across an article theorizing that heretofore medically untreatable idiopathic tinnitus could be linked to hyperuricemia (gout is one example of this condition).

      'Can idiopathic tinnitus be caused by hyperuricemia' P.E. Newman Medical Hypotheses (1998) 50, 535-536

      The article specifically deals with tinnitus which is intermittent in intensity. The researcher proposes that this type of tinnitus is related to purine intake which can be transformed in the body to uric acid. High levels of uric acid can precipitate in joints and tissue in general causing hyperuricemia or gout.
      He associates hyperuricemia and idiopathic tinnitus because of the known effects of alcohol, caffeine and high fructose drinks on tinnitus levels as well as the strong association of hypertension with both idiopathic tinnitus and hyperuricemia.
      The researcher postulates that urate deposition could occur in the Organ of Corti and this could disturb hair cells there so that the transduction system is activated and a signal is sent through the auditory nerve to the central nervous system which perceives it as a sound. The reason for suspecing a specific point in the transduction system is that an individual usually perceives a sound of the same pitch and quality all the time, although the intensity is variable.
      This suggests that a low purine diet could help sufferers from this type of tinnitus. This would mean avoidance of alcohol (in particular beer), sugary drinks, caffeine and some meats and seafood. Certain types of dairy foods are beneficial. A full list of foods to be avoided is here: www.webmd.com/arthritis/tc/diet-and-gout-topic-overview
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      Can Organ of Corti somehow be screened for possible urate deposits?
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      too full a life
      Would be most difficult because the Organ of Corti is a medium size island off the south pacific where the trade winds blow as natural masking of tinnitus and why a popular vacation spot for people like us.

      OP...my only concern is...if cutting out all the food and drink I like that I have consumed for decades without tinnitus...and it doesn't help...this would be too much to bare. :eek:
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      @stophiss There is that lol.
      Seriously though hyperuricemia and gout are very much underdiagnosed in the western world. Alcohol and soft drink consumption has increased. There could be many people with treatable undiagnosed hyperuricemia which also causes their tinnitus.
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