I’m Getting to the End of My Tether

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      Hi folks I’ve been aware of my tinnitus for years and I’ve learnt to live it and find ways to tune out so to speak.... In September ‘16 I invested in a pair of Phonak hearing aids has I have a mild hearing loss)which has made a huge difference it seems amplifying sounds around me helped with my constant high pitch tone in both ears and having the masking noises helped me too, I have them paired to my iPhone and iPad so I can listen to other masking tones or music and radio all of this made my noise more manageable.

      About 8 months ago I started having episodes of a different noise that was noticeable at the same time as as my regular noises, the only way I can describe it is that it sounds like somebody behind me with a spray can sounding 2 or 3 short sharp sprays, it sounds like it’s only happening in my right ear. It’s really getting to me to the point I saw a psychiatrist who tried to reassure me it wasn’t a psychotic episode and I should see an ENT consultant ..... my appointment has finally come through for next month.
      This noise is really disturbing I really don’t know how to deal with it it’s really effecting my quality of life , my GP has the attitude of oh it’s tinnitus you just have to live with it it will go away on its own
      I hear the constant high pitch tone the second I wake until I fall asleep and on other occasions I have a pulsating tone, I’ve learnt to live with this but I can’t live with the pish pish noise I have now.

      If it’s not tinnitus what else can it be ? I have to work and talk to people on the phone with all this noise in my head.
      When I eventually see the consultant I fear he will say oh it’s just tinnitus and refer me for counselling again which was a complete waste of time I didn’t learn anything new.
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      The sound you describe sounds somewhat similar to mine sometimes. It probably hard to explain the sounds to others that never had any type of T. If your therapist does not believe you I would suggest finding one that you can trust or that listens more to your concerns. I went through a few before I found a good fit with my personality.

      I also know how you feel and hope that you learn to cope with this at the same time trying to find what a potential cause is. i.e did you have any changes at the time this popped up that you can key on???

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