I Am Going to Try Positive Affirmation App Instead of Masking. Join Me and Tell Me How It Goes.

Discussion in 'Support' started by SeekIngAlpha, Sep 27, 2016.

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      As an experiment, I'm going to use positive affirmation app instead of masking... Join me and tell me how it's working for you.
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      Errr... what exactly is that?
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      When I first came down with my tinnitus, I had terrible anxiety and rolling panic attacks. I put an app on my phone of meditations targeting anxiety. One 10-minute section involved affirmations, which really are the same thing as positive self statements used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It helped tremendously. If I was having a bad day at work, I would go out to my car and run through my affirmations. I always felt better.

      That was three years ago. Today, I still have the app on my phone, but I use it rarely. However, I also have a masking app on my phone that I use somewhat. Tinnitus still encroaches on my work day sometimes and when it does, I listen to that masking app. Can't really do affirmations and work at the same time.

      Let us know how the affirmations work for you, @SeekIngAlpha.

      In CBT, it helps to have affirmations targeting your specific condition or problem -- but I couldn't find any for tinnitus. Anxiety was as close as it got. My therapist and I, however, wrote affirmations specifically for me on index cards that I would carry around and use when needed. Those helped, too.
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      Not working...why is that everything I touch turns to shit?
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      SA, I applaud your efforts in exploring alternatives in dealing with tinnitus. Positive affirmation is a great idea whether you have tinnitus or not but remember that T is not an easy thing to deal with and sometimes masking is the best way of getting through the tough times. I would suggest continue with both.

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