I Am New to This Forum, for 2 Years I Have Had Constant Tinnitus, Plus Essential Tremor.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by NanNorma, Mar 11, 2016.

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      Does anyone know if there is a correlation between Tinnitus and Essential Tremor.
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      I've never heard of that connection, did yours start at the same time?

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      Barking dogs/stress
      @NanNorma - I did a little research and found very little online, usually just anecdotal remarks about someone who has both conditions. The only somewhat scientific connection I could find is in the article: http://www.audiologyonline.com/articles/tinnitus-care-what-should-i-13109

      Excerpt from Questions and Answers section:
      I have heard of Ruldolpho Llinas, a well-known neuroscientist, who has indicated there is evidence of things called low threshold calcium spike bursts. Those are based on EEG activity and signal-unit recorders deep in the thalamus. This is evidence of abnormal firing in the thalamus that corresponds to essential tremor and movement disorders, as well as other types of treatment-resistant neurologic problems, likely including depression and tinnitus.
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      Essential tremor is usually hereditary, it just becomes more noticeable with age. I don't think there is any known connection, but if it is caused by a genetic mutation, then I wouldn't rule it out completely.

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