I Am Scared and I Need Help

Discussion in 'Support' started by sarahlouise, May 20, 2014.

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      at a party in 2010
      this is getting scary everytime i go to bed i hear a loud bang like some on shooting a gun or banging something really hard but i want to know whats happening and whats the cause of it and if anyone eles has the same problem as well

      please respond back asp
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    2. ashley

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      Hey! Don't be scared, it's okay, so many people have tinnitus yet only 1 in every 10 (Americans) seek help for it. You should definitely see a medical specialist if you're able to-- especially if it's something that happened suddenly and abruptly. Good news is-- you aren't alone and people usually habituate!

      I personally have never heard of tinnitus sounding like that, so to me that's very interesting. In the mean time can you put on a fan or something at night when you sleep? I am sure it will still be noticeable, but it definitely won't be as startling and noticeable as it typically is. (Think of a candle in a dark room. Only thing you notice. A candle outdoors-- isn't as noticeable anymore! Think of the tinnitus as that candle.)
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      Have you read about exploding head syndrome? I think that is what you have because it is associated with sleep. Have you tried lying down when you are NOT going to sleep? I would read up on exploding head syndrome - don't panic though. If that is it, then it is harmless, it's just scary.
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    4. Karen

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      I agree with Citigirl that what you have could be exploding head syndrome. Don't worry; it's not dangerous! Here is a link to information about this condition:

      If you're still concerned, it might be a good idea to see a doctor, and maybe get some sort of calming meds to help you through the anxiety associated with it.

      Best of luck; hope you'll update us on how you're doing. We care!!
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