I Can Hear My Heartbeat Inside My Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ChazSpiers, Jan 16, 2016.

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      Hi there,
      I've had bad ears all my life I fell off a chair when I was 2 years old and ended up in hospital I spend loads of time going to see doctor they told my mum I was a bit deaf and I had a hole in my eardrum I got an operation for grommets to be put in at age of 6 and when I was swimming I got water in my ears the pain was bad the worse ever and when I got older added a operation I got the back of my ear cut opened and a bit of my bone in my ear cut to cover the hole in my ear and that's not the only thing that happened I had fell off my bike and broke my arm and had to get my cast changed from the white first on you get to a colored one I woke up after my operation with my neon pink cast two of them taps things in my hand so the doctor can give me medication I have a big bandage wrapped around my head!

      A couple of years after my operation I went back to hospital for a checkup and the ended up syringe my ears OMG that hurts!!!!!
      I've even tried lots of medications to help even had drops it was like I had a blowtorch inside my ears when I put them in.

      Now I get sore ear pain sometimes blood and I get a sore throat!!
      Right now it's like my heartbeat is inside my ears???
      Got any ideas?????
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      Hi, @ChazSpiers,

      I'm sorry you've had so many problems with your ears, and that the ear syringing hurt them even more. I've heard of other people on this forum who have tinnitus, or increased tinnitus, after having their ears syringed. @Markku, our Tinnitus Talk manager and creator of this site, is one of them. He might have additional suggestions for you.

      I have pulsating (heartbeat sound) in my ear, too, but from a different cause. Is your heartbeat sound constant or intermittent? Mine is constant, and I also have a high-pitched hissing sound in my ear, as well. There are many possible causes for the pulsating, and since you've had ear injuries and grommets placed in your ears, that might have something to do with it.

      My suggestion would be to give it some time, and see if the soreness and blood go away. If not, it might be a good idea to go back to the doctor and describe your symptoms to him.

      I'm sure other people here will have additional suggestions for you.

      Best wishes and hugs,
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      Hi @ChazSpiers, I didn't fully get at which point did your noise in your ears start (I do see however it started this month, so it's very recent). Was it right after the syringing? Or did the syringing "only" hurt, but didn't trigger your tinnitus?

      Welcome to TT!
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      @Karen thanks for you comment they said when I was six that after acouple years the grommets would fall out on there own I never seen them so who knows if there did !!
      @Markku for your comment I got the syringing years ago never again I seen this thing that looked like a pair of scissors but at the tip this claw thing opened and closed and now and again I have shape pain or i lose hearing then hear a popping noise and it back, I had blood in my ears, ring noise, hiccups it like a shape pain and sometimes with my ear being bad I end up with a sore throat!

      The heartbeat noise started just a couples days ago!

      (( I hope you understood my questions I have dyslexia not great with the whole spelling thing lol ))
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      Hi ChazSpiers,

      I get the heartbeat (PT) in my ears every time that I have any inflammation in my left ear and sometimes in my right also. The PT is audible usually once or twice per day (against a background of hissing tinnitus 24/7) and every night when I go to bed.

      I had constant PT after grommet insertion and for a longer period after T-tube insertion.

      Grommets are really tiny and often drop out unnoticed. I had a grommet fall out and felt a tickling in my ear. I pulled out this tiny thing about a couple of millimetres long. Sure enough, with a magnifying glass I could see what it was. You probably lost the grommets with our ever being aware.

      Your PT may resolve itself.

      Good Luck,


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