I Can't Concentrate

Discussion in 'Support' started by Larry Chu, Feb 26, 2013.

    1. Larry Chu

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      I wake up in the morning and there it is. The sound of my stupid pulsatile tinnitus. I wish I can lay in bed and just listen to it until it goes away, but it won't. I don't feel like getting up and doing anything because I'm already starting my day off angry about the sound. There's no winning with this problem except maybe just not being able to hear at all.
    2. just1morething

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      It started
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      Bad luck
      Larry, Have you looked into sleep apnea, or an oral appliance for teeth clenching while you sleep?
    3. Louise

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      Noise exposure
      Its tough Larry. I miss enjoying a lie in after awkening. I also miss that lovely 'Hmmm Im tired I'll go to my comfy bed'. Both those things are lost since T. Hopefully we will reach a point like others have on here where the T no longer bothers our sleep even if we can still hear it. You're not alone in your morning feelings :)
    4. daedalus

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      At my t beginnings, the tinnitus was the first thing i heard and it used to wake me completely in a tenth of a second. I hated that of course. Now i can wake up slowly like before in spite of the t.

      Also, i couldn't concentrate on the simplest text. I was desperate. Then after several months i picked a book and started to read again. Now i can do maths for hours without trouble.

      I did nothing to get better. It just happened with time.
    5. Joel

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      I know how you feel Larry. I wake up like I'm some kid anxiously waiting for a college acceptance letter (silence) only to find another denial letter in the mailbox (good ole' 8400 Hz ringing away).

      I think the key for me is to fight disappointment.

      I'm not saying I am a master at that (yet), but at least I've identified the enemy per say.
    6. AUTHOR
      Larry Chu

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      Thanks, you all. I'm definitely much happier when I'm listening to music to hide the PT. I feel like I can think and that my thoughts actually make sense. I'll try putting in headphones in the morning when I wake up :)

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