I Can't Understand What Caused My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by aksentije, Oct 10, 2014.

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      hi guys,

      Ringing in both ears started about 1 and half month ago, and it was just so suddenly, one day I heard ringing in both ears and it didn't stop since

      It's not strong so I think I can live with it. What I don't understand is how it happens so there is no cure for it. I did NOT listen to loud music or was exposed to any loud noise

      I'm 23, I don't have any other disease so it's really odd that it just happens without reason. What I did notice is that it seems to be somehow connected with way I feel ( or at least I have such impression ), If I'm stressed or nervous than it somehow gets a bit louder

      I would like to hear from some of you how your tinitus started, are there many people whose tinitis was not cause of loud music?
    2. jss
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      noise anxiety and antidepressants
      If its not due to loud sound exposure chances are it will go away or you will find the cause of it. Look up reasons for tinnitus you will find many.
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      There's lots of us who don't know how we got our tinnitus. One theory is that it has to do with oxidative stress, which can cause chronic hyperactivity of the neurons. So if you've been stressed out lately, that could be a cause.

      Also ototoxic meds (which is most meds), recreational drugs, head/neck injury, TMJD, some nasty variants of the common cold.

      It does get easier to take, and the current research is promising. Take it as an opportunity to clean up your lifestyle, optimize your health, and concentrate on what's meaningful in your life.
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      do you drink alcohol? smoke cannabis? drink coffee? any other drug?
    5. linearb

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      the thing is, for any given psychoactive, you can find a few people who think it caused tinnitus, and a lot more people who have used it long-term and don't have tinnitus.

      My tinnitus is definitely connected to my stress level, both physical and mental. My tinnitus involves lots of crossover from the somatic/touch sense nerves into auditory awareness. So, different kinds of muscle tension and trigger points in my head/neck/jaw cause different kinds of sounds. Being in a state of anxiety has the physical effect of causing tension, making all that worse, and also releases a lot of excitatory neurotransmitters and hormones, which makes the volume louder and makes me more aware of it.
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      Check out my posts, "Back To Silence."
      It's a technique that eliminates most of the T you hear.
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      Thanks for your replies guys. It's been around 5-6 months now of my tinitus and it's still the same. It's not strong, but I can hear slight ringing all the time

      I would really like to find out what caused it as I have no idea. I remember that I was sitting at a computer when I heard ringing first time. It lasted maybe around 1 hour than it stopped. Few hours later it started again and never stopped :(

      I can't believe it just started without any reason, there must be at least some explanation

      I drink around 3 - 4 cups of black coffee a day, no alcohol/drugs at all . I'm not sure if coffee is related, it's hard to tell

      Exactly, same for me. I noticed that when I clench the jaw sound gets high. In the mornings it seems to be less and when going to sleep during night it seems to be stronger

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