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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Robert Lund, Jan 7, 2014.

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      Hi my name is Robert, I have been suffering with T since late 70s incurred while in the military. The high pitched brake squeal variety bilateral. Been many years same sound changing with different health symptoms ie: sinus congestion,head colds plus levels of noise. was use to it but at times caused great anxiety.
      a couple months ago after firing a rifle with hearing protection my left ear has escalated off the chart! to the point of total unbearability. I thought that it would lessen after time just being a reaction from firing rifle. been 2 months and no change. feel a fullness in the ear and now have a whole new set of tones. which can be heard even above the noise of crowded room. I have hearing aides and they help albeit minor-ly It is so loud I was afraid to go deer hunting and sit in that quite woods with nothing but the noise and a loaded rifle between my legs.
      have appt with a ENT specialist as PC and audiologist can not see damage. but audiologist confirmed a substantial loss in hearing beyond the impairment of original diagnosis 9 years ago.
      It is driving me insane! I have zero concentration avoid most human interaction because as you all know it gets tiring trying to explain to someone who has no clue. I live daily with chronic pain and on narcos and the VA cut my level of them (they cut everybody) so had increased my level of OTC meds. but now have cut them as it raised the level of the T even higher. so I am miserable to say the least. Xanax and clonipine is the only thing keeping me on this earth. I know they may have some bad effect on the T but I dont feel it with them, but at least they are keeping me from totally losing my mind.
      So theres my story. just wasted 40 bucks on some holistic B.S. but I am desperate in the sub -zeros of northern Wisconsin at the moment. minus 40 with wind chill at the moment !
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      I've just come across your post from January 7. Please give us an update --- how are you doing now? We've been discussing the feeling of fullness in the ear on this forum, in other threads. Are you still experiencing it? It is a normal by-product of tinnitus, so it's nothing to be afraid of --- but it is still bothersome.

      Since you have hearing loss, what did your audiologist recommend? Did he (or she) discuss hearing aids with you, and masking devices?

      Please do update us on how you're doing. We care!!

      Best wishes,
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      Robert Lund

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      Thanks Karen,
      tomorrow I go to the ENT for examination. I have new hearing aides on the way, although it will be another month before I get them (VA). they are supposed to have a masking device built in. so we will see how that goes. at this time it is still driving me crazy. trying to cut anything out of my life that may effect it. Anti anxiety meds keeping me going. like I said I have had this for 35 years. but left is now off charts. taking it one day at a time.

      Thanks for Caring!
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      Hey Robert...

      I think you will find the hearing aides with maskers will help.

      In the meantime: Cutting yourself off from other people, and cutting activities out of your life that may effect it, is probably making things worse instead of better. What you need is more distraction, not more isolation. Does the VA have a support group they can offer, or is there one in your community? Are you working? If not, could you consider joining some kind of organization or group where you would not need to commit to an 8-hour day?

      Also, how about noise in the house to mask the sound? A white noise generator or something that plays nature sounds?

      Sounds like some talk therapy might help, too. A good therapist could work with you on the anxiety, at least you have the medications to help.

      Given this spike is relatively new (last two months), it very likely will go away and settle down. Just hang in there.
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