I Found a Cure for My Tinnitus by Accident — Want to Share w/ You All

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      Hello, I'm new to this forum and this issue. I am in my late 40's, female and recently developed Tinnitus a little under a year ago. Like many say, it has been aggravating and had resigned myself to the possibility that I would have to live w/it for the rest of my life. I have tried many supplements to lesson both a streaming, non stop ring that will move from one ear to the other or settle in both. Also have the annoying tinny sound (wonder if this is where the name came from), like something is banging on tin, making a high pitched noise that is constant with little breaks in between. It's hard to explain but there it is. Anyway, the supplements were not working - I won't bother to name. Lucky for me, I think I figured out what happened, why it came on so suddenly and now It has stopped.

      Here is the path. I had been taking many vitamins and sups for years for general good health. In particular, I also took a few to keep my monthly cycle/hormones smoothed out - stay with me fellas cause I think this could matter to you too. Over the last year, I switched my home office from downstairs to upstairs where I would then forget to take my supplements on time and some of them altogether.

      I wondered if anything had changed in my health as a result of not taking them all and since I didn't notice any change other than the tinnitus, I decided to move some of my online subscriptions from AMAZON out some to test if I really needed them all.

      Well, there was one I forgot to cancel that showed up on my doorstep so it prompted me to start taking it again - it was expensive so I though why not. Let's get back on it and see if i notice any difference.

      Well, I also could not stand leaving the tv on any more while I slept so I turned it off and was shocked that I had no ringing in my ears - none. I thought it must be a fluke and that surly it would come back.

      So after a few nights of peace, I tried to think about what had changed in the last few days/weeks - diet had not changed, exercise had not changed - and then realized that I had begun taking Primrose Oil again. The ladies may know it is great for cramping/relaxation, well being. I did some research online about primrose oil and it appears to lower blood pressure so if you are on any blood pressure/blood thinning meds, good to test w/your doc.

      Otherwise, I would give it a try. I buy a high quality brand on amazon - see below. It's not cheap but it has been miraculous for me and I wanted to get this out on the forum in case it helps anyone. it took a couple weeks most likely to get into my system but now it's like I never had it. Good Luck all.

      Barlean's Organic Oils Organic Evening Primrose Oil.
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